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The Office of the Chief Information Officer

The Office of the Chief Information Officer

The Chief Information Officer is responsible for providing leadership and support in information technology for the entire university community. The Office of the CIO promotes IT solutions that improve the teaching, learning, research, and administrative environment of the university.

ITS News at USC

ITS Hosts Cybersecurity Summit

ITS hosted the USC Cybersecurity Summit on Thursday, October 30, 2014. Chief information security officer David Shaw kicked off the summit, noting that it helped address the most challenging aspect of cybersecurity – increasing the security awareness of everyday users.

CIO Discusses Changing Research Infrastructure

In Researchers Go Global: Preparing the Next Generation of Innovators, published in the EDUCAUSE Online Review, CIO and Vice Provost Peter M. Siegel discusses how new trends in cloud storage, big data, high-speed networking, and supercomputing resources are evolving the landscape of research and changing the way researchers, faculty, and students collaborate across academic disciplines.

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    Every year around this time, we see a significant increase in the volume of fake email claiming to be from UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. Please examine these messages carefully before opening/saving an attachment or clicking on a link. The attachments … Continue reading →