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The Office of the Chief Information Officer

The Office of the Chief Information Officer

The Chief Information Officer is responsible for providing leadership and support in information technology for the entire university community. The Office of the CIO promotes IT solutions that improve the teaching, learning, research, and administrative environment of the university.

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  • Security Recommendation: Lock Your Computer Screen
    Installing antivirus software and creating strong passwords are vital practices that will help keep your information secure. But even if you take these steps, you may be putting your information at risk without even realizing it. The easiest way to access … Continue reading →
  • Wireless Keyboards Vulnerable to KeySniffer Security Attacks
    The Bastille Research Team has identified a new type of wireless keyboard attack called KeySniffer, in which hackers can use cheap radio devices to access unsuspecting users’ keyboards from up to several hundred feet away. Because the vulnerable keyboards do not use any form of … Continue reading →