New Security Enhancements for USC Email

ITS has launched two new security enhancements for USC email.

Protection from Malicious Hyperlinks and Attachments

To protect USC account holders and the university’s network, ITS now employs an email security product called Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) from the security company Proofpoint.

Cybercriminals commonly send malicious attachments and hyperlinks via email in order to infect computers with malware or direct users to websites designed to trick them into revealing their account credentials. TAP protects users by blocking links to known malicious websites and removing email attachments containing malware.

TAP works behind-the-scenes, which means you do not need to do anything to activate or take advantage of the system. For more information on TAP, visit

Opt-in Email Encryption

To allow faculty and staff to securely and selectively send sensitive email messages to recipients outside of USC, ITS has enabled opt-in email encryption for Office 365. For information about how to encrypt specific messages, visit

If you need assistance with using TAP or email encryption, please call the ITS Customer Support Center at 213-740-5555 or send an email to