Information Technologies and Support Services

Russ Kaurloto is the associate CIO for information technologies and support services.

The associate CIO oversees enterprise networking and telecommunications, enterprise and administrative systems, external networking, IT security, data center operations, disaster recovery, and customer support. The associate CIO oversees the ongoing upgrade of the USC network and provides leadership for the development of an IT strategic plan to enhance operations.

The associate CIO is a member of the CIO cabinet and oversees the following ITS departments:

Customer Support and Quality of Service Assurance

Senior director: Carol Craig

Administrative Systems Implementation

Senior director: Tim Woodward

Networking and Telecommunications

Senior director: Brian Yamaguchi

External Networking

Director: Celeste Anderson

Financial Systems Development

Director: Ara Baghdasraian

Student System Development (Kuali)

Director: Steve Barnhart

Enterprise Middleware Applications

Director: Asbed Bedrossian

HR/Payroll Systems Development

Director: Dave Moeller

Emerging Systems Development

Director: Mark Morris


Director: Lou Ramirez

Student Information Systems

Interim Director: Yvonne Davis