Advisory Committees

Committee on Information Services (CIS)

This faculty group is jointly appointed by the Academic Senate and the Office of the Provost; it advises the CIO on issues related to the academic use of university’s technology infrastructure.

Contact: Michelle Coley,
Web: About the Committee on Information Services

Council on Technology and Security Strategy (CTSS)

This group is composed of IT leaders from the university’s schools and units; it advises the CIO about the technology needs of the university’s schools and administrative units. The group also ensures effective communication about information security, interoperability, and related matters.

Additional information is available in the committee’s charter.

Contact: Matthew Bordas,

Information Risk Committee (IRC)

The purpose of the USC Information Risk Committee (IRC) is to assist USC’s campus leadership in its responsibility to assess and manage USC’s information risk, including risk relating to information security, business continuity and disaster planning, compliance, information sharing, and information integrity. The IRC is chaired by and reports to the chief information officer (CIO).

Additional information is available in the committee’s charter.

Contact: Michelle Coley,

Educational Technology Advisory Committee

This group is composed of faculty members appointed by the faculty senate, senior administrators, and students; it advises ITS leadership on the policies, and support issues related to the university’s learning management system. The group works to improve user experience and promote use of the learning management system on campus and in the university’s distance-learning programs.

Contact: Christi Triplett,

HPC Faculty Advisory Committee

This group advises the CIO about the faculty’s research needs related to the university’s supercomputing and grid computing resources.

Contact: Maureen Dougherty,

eLearning Forum

This group includes academic and professional staff actively engaged with online programs. It meets monthly for the purpose of sharing information about USC’s online programs and about new advances in the field.

Contact: Christi Triplett,

Web Council

This group is composed of web professionals from the university’s schools and units; it ensures effective communication across the university’s schools and units about web projects and technologies deployed on campus.

Contact: Ellen Castillo,