About the ITS Digital Transformation Initiatives

Watch the video below to learn more about ITS’s digital transformation initiatives.

In 2017, USC’s Information Technology Services (ITS) launched a series of digital transformation initiatives to significantly improve the services we offer to the university. These initiatives include the modernization of our business applications, a world-class wireless environment, a mobile-first strategy for key services, greater reliance on cloud-based systems, expanded data reporting capabilities for USC’s academic and business units, and the comprehensive restructuring of ITS as an organization.

ITS is deeply committed to providing USC’s faculty and students with the IT environment that they expect from one of the world’s leading private research universities—an environment that will foster pioneering research, enhance opportunities for global collaboration, and enable students to surpass boundaries by designing their own learning experiences.

In the past year, we have made much progress in our Secure|Connected program. We have measurably improved the performance of USC’s networks—both wired and wireless—while continuing to build a new network infrastructure. We have considerably expanded our information security capabilities to better protect USC’s networks, administrative systems, and data. We have enhanced our administrative systems to facilitate the hiring and onboarding processes for new faculty members. Though we are not yet where we want to be, we are well on our way.

A major component of digital transformation is the transition of ITS into a new customer-centric organization with the leadership, vision, and values that the university deserves—and that ITS staff deserve. We are creating a modern organization with industry-standard service groups, job titles, and job descriptions. The structure of the new organization will promote and expand our ability to engage with our stakeholders, focus on customer experience, and successfully deliver major projects.

While we will do our best to minimize the impact to service delivery, some impact will be inevitable. If you have questions, please email cio@usc.edu.