Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the investment of USC in the people, processes and technology of ITS operations and services to innovate and elevate the student and employee experience. The effort has been ongoing with the core mission to create a world-class IT organization with innovative services built for scale.

Digital Transformation is comprised of 8 pillars:

  1. Program Management
  2. Change Management, Communications, and Culture
  3. IT Governance
  4. IT Financial Management
  5. ITS Organization Transition
  6. Application Modernization
  7. Infrastructure Modernization
  8. IT Service Management

Each pillar is designed to better serve the ITS organization, as well as the university. By providing secure and reliable core services, advancing the IT workforce capabilities, operationalizing excellence in IT governance, procurement, portfolio and change management, ITS will provide an exceptional experience for its customers. Modernizing the techonology is also a benefit that will be realized through this Digital Transformation process, including comprehensive, current data solutions, industry-leading enterprise business applications, automation and diversification of IT infrastructure, and innovative communication and collaboration platforms. With innovation and automation at the forefront of Digital Transformation, ITS will elevate the student experience by accelerating the delivery of digital capabilities, further exploring Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, and leveraging thought leadership in technology for USC.




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