The goal of the initiative is to help USC faculty, staff, and students locate information about the software available both through ITS and through USC schools and units. It provides relevant information about licensing restrictions and availability, including whether the software is available for download, for use in ITS-managed or departmental computing centers, or through virtual desktop interfaces (VDI) such as

This is a multi-phase initiative that is expected to be completed over the next 2 – 3 years.

FY17 Accomplishments

The initiative team launched the first phase of the redesign of its software website, This updated, user-friendly version consolidates information about the software available to faculty, students, and staff via download or online access. The site includes research software, desktop applications, mobile applications, and USC-specific computing utilities including software available virtually and in the university computer labs.

FY18 Plans

The software initiative team will work with individual schools and units to expand the school- and unit-specific software resources available through The team will also begin development of a customizable version of the software portal that will allow users to view and access software specific to their needs.