Full View

The Full View program is a campus-wide strategic initiative and enabler for university cost-savings, new revenue streams, continuous improvement and benefits realization fiscal year (FY) 2021 and beyond. Full View’s structured and phase-gated approach includes leadership and staff engagement for ideas, themes, prioritization and implementation in FY21 and beyond and is being championed by ITS to drive, execute and realize value partnering with both external and internal stakeholders.

What are the benefits of Full View?

Full View program benefits include millions in university cost-savings in FY21 and beyond, new revenue streams, continuous improvement and benefits realization.

Specific benefit areas include:

  • Up to $85 million cost savings potential, campus-wide
  • New and innovative revenue streams
  • Increased productivity and efficiencies from standardization and shared services
  • Advanced quality of services and customer experience
  • Improved ways of working
  • Culture of continuous improvement
  • Sustainability
  • Automation and LEAN reduction of waste
  • Increased employee fulfillment and satisfaction (maximizing USC and ITS talent)

Who will benefit from Full View?

Stakeholders who will benefit from Full View include:

  • USC and ITS employees
  • University Technology Council (UTC) leaders and sponsors
  • ITS leaders and sponsors
  • Academic units
  • Business units
  • USC Procurement Services
  • USC Department of Contracts and Grants 

When will Full View be implemented?

Full View is happening now at two different levels:

  • Program level – The ideation pipeline from ITS and UTC is in progress
  • Projects level – three ITS projects have been initiated:
    • IP Address Space Reclamation
    • Campus Voice to the Cloud Project
    • Mobility Project

Who are the Full View sponsors and program leads?

ITS Sponsors:

  • Douglas Shook, Chief Information Officer, USC Information Technology Services
  • Susan Tincher, Associate Chief Information Officer for Infrastructure Services, USC Information Technology Services