IMAGINE is a business transformation that aims to reduce risk, improve efficiency, enable strategic decision making and enhance the customer experience. The IMAGINE program is accomplishing this goal with its Finance Transformation and HCM Optimization initiatives.

A critical enabler of this business transformation is Workday, a cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that will serve as the university’s single system for finance, human resources and payroll.

But, IMAGINE is much more than just a system implementation. To truly maximize the investment we are making, we’ve challenged ourselves to achieve excellence by reimagining business processes, operations and the way we work together.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is on the IMAGINE program team?
The IMAGINE program team is led by business representatives, Information Technology Services (ITS) staff, and consultants with relevant area expertise in Workday functionality. This team partners with directors and staff from across the university to ensure alignment throughout the program.

What is in scope for this transformation? Who is impacted?
The current scope for the Finance Transformation includes the implementation of Workday Financial Management as a replacement of Kuali (UPC) and Lawson (HSC). For more information about other applications and integrations that are impacted, please click here. Impacted customers are those who use Kuali and other financial systems and integrations across academic units, administrative units, financial units and hospitals.

What are the benefits of implementing Workday Financials?

  • Reduce Risk:Workday Financial Management will allow USC to develop a single source of truth, establish a control environment to support compliance and stewardship of assets and achieve a month-end close across the institution.
  • Improve Efficiency:Through this implementation, USC will have opportunities to simplify and standardize business processes, redesign approval layers and leverage robotic process automation.
  • Enable Strategic Decision Making:Workday Financial Management allows for reducing time spent on transactional tasks, creating an accurate, trusted and timely reporting environment and delivering visibility across the organization.
  • Enhance the Customer Experience:Workday Financial Management enables USC to provide a reliable and user-friendly, cloud-based platform, establish clear service expectations for stakeholder support and promote continuous improvement and scalability.

How are you involving people from the USC community in developing or designing the new system?
Subject matter experts and design partners from various areas across the University will be involved and will be providing feedback throughout the duration of the project. In addition, we will have opportunities for increased participation and feedback from the business as we progress through the various project milestones (e.g. Design Sessions, Prototype 1, Prototype 2, End to End Testing, User Acceptance Testing). We will be asking for feedback during all of these events to ensure that business feedback is captured and that the design continuously evolves based on the feedback we receive.

What is the timeline for this program?
Please visit our Background page for more information about our project timeline.

How will you be engaging end users?
Based on past experiences, we have learned it is critical to include ongoing representation from across the university. We have already engaged more than 60 business users in design sessions, across financial, academic, administrative and health systems units, and we’ve met with more than 120 stakeholders to date. This number will only grow as the project moves forward.

How do I learn more about the Finance Transformation?
Keep an eye out for email communications about the project, training sessions and updates on our website. If you have any further questions, you can email us at

What’s the purpose of the IMAGINE HCM Optimization program?
The IMAGINE HCM Optimization program is a multi-release optimization of USC’s existing Workday HCM system. Through these releases, new functionalities, reports and capabilities are added to simplify, automate and improve the way we work. These releases will empower USC to forge ahead in our mission to reimagine how we perform human capital management

Who will be impacted by the IMAGINE HCM Optimization program?
This transformation includes all schools, administrative units and hospitals.

Where can I find more information and resources about the IMAGINE HCM Optimization program?
You can always find more specific information and resources on the IMAGINE Program Resources site (formerly the Workday Program News site). This site is an important repository for meeting notes and decks, as well as training and reference materials from across the IMAGINE initiatives. If you are experiencing any difficulty in navigating the site or gaining access, please notify the team at and a member of the team will assist you.