Research Computing

The goal of the research computing initiative is to expand the resources and support available to USC faculty, researchers, and graduate students doing computationally intensive work, including grid and parallel computing and visualization.

FY17 Accomplishments

ITS broadened outreach efforts to faculty through the Advanced CyberInfrsastructure – Research and Education Facilitators (ACI-REF) program. ITS also launched USC Drive, a high-performance storage service that allows researchers to upload large data files quickly. All USC faculty, postdocs, and graduate students get 50 gigabytes of storage on USC Drive for free and may request additional storage space for a fee.

USC’s Center for High-Performance Computing made HPC secure data accounts (HSDA) available to USC faculty and graduate students. Data stored in these accounts is encrypted automatically upon upload and at rest, allowing researchers to meet HIPAA requirements.

FY18 Plans

ITS will continue outreach through the ACI-REF program, meeting with schools and departments to discuss targeted aid to USC researchers.