Secure|Connected USC

Launched in 2017, Secure|Connected is a multi-year transformational program, designed to enhance USC’s cybersecurity and network capabilities to meet the institution’s ever-evolving needs as a world-class research university. Through this program, Information Technology Services (ITS) will rearchitect USC’s network and information security infrastructure to provide faculty, students, researchers and staff with a high-performing network with greater reliability and security protections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Secure|Connected?

    Secure|Connected is a multi-year program with two components: (1) “Connected USC,” to replace and upgrade our current network infrastructure, and (2) “Secure USC,” to enhance cybersecurity in significant ways.

    Secure|Connected is led by a program team in USC’s Information Technology Services; the program includes formal project and organizational change management (OCM) teams.

    The program team is committed to collaborating with schools and units across the university. Faculty, staff, and students may send questions and comments to

    What are the objectives and benefits of Secure|Connected?

    Secure|Connected will provide:

    • Improved network performance, reliability, and security through a redesign of current infrastructure.
    • Augmented cybersecurity practices to protect data across the university, including intellectual property and personally identifiable information.
    • Clearly defined cybersecurity responsibilities for all USC units.
    • Secure network architecture that supports emerging technologies (e.g., cloud computing, mobile technologies).

    Who is on the Secure|Connected program team?

    The Secure|Connected program team is led by Information Technology Services (ITS) staff; the team includes independent contractors and consultants with relevant area expertise.

    What projects are currently underway within the Secure|Connected program?

    The program spans initiatives related to data loss prevention, identity and access management, cybersecurity response and governance, USC’s wired and wireless networks, and network and cybersecurity policies.

    How can I find out about the progress of the project?

    ITS has an organizational change management (OCM) team dedicated to supporting members of the Trojan community affected by program projects. The OCM team will provide messaging, community forums, newsletters, and training, as relevant.

    If you would like to receive a copy of “Keeping Connected,” a bi-weekly newsletter that outlines project progress and upcoming milestones, please email

    What is the schedule for upgrading the network in campus buildings?

    The upgrade of the entire campus network will take several years. We anticipate that work will be completed by January 2020. The following buildings are on the fall 2017 upgrade schedule: ADM, JFF, ANN, RTH, ACB, DEN.

    What is the schedule for upgrading the wireless network?

    As of July 2017, more than 256 wireless network access points have been installed. For information on the progress of the Wi-Fi upgrade, visit the USC Wireless Update Progress page.