The SecureUSC program will strengthen USC’s information security practices in a way that is purpose-built to the University’s needs and will empower schools and units to continuously improve their ability to protect valuable data.

The goals of the SecureUSC program are to:

  • Partner with USC schools and units to identify important data
  • Determine the security protections of USC schools and units
  • Manage risk at the right level to strengthen USC’s information security practices

USC is entrusted with valuable data that is core to its prosperity and reputation (e.g., student, financial, health, research, and defense data). USC has a responsibility to protect that valuable data at the right level while not impeding University operations.

Protecting information that USC has been entrusted with is core to its collective success, safety, and reputation. Higher education and research institutions are top targets for cybercriminals, and any security breach at a single school or unit will impact USC’s collective reputation.

Through collaborative relationships with schools and units, the SecureUSC program will identify and remediate risks to its High-Value Assets (HVAs), prioritize data considered to be High-Value Information (HVI) types and provide more granular details on execution of continuous improvement to our data security.

How can I find out about the progress of SecureUSC?

ITS has an organizational change management (OCM) team dedicated to supporting members of the Trojan community affected by program projects. The OCM team will provide messaging, community forums, newsletters, and training, as needed. If you are a USC faculty member, staff member, or student and would like to receive the newsletter, please email

What is the status of SecureUSC?

  • The Secure|USC program will formally kick off in January 2021.

Who are SecureUSC sponsors and program lead?

USC Executive Sponsors:

  • Charles Zukoski, Provost
  • Jim Staten, Chief Financial Officer

ITS Executive Sponsors:

  • Gus Anagnos, Chief Information Security Officer, Office of Chief Information Security Officer
  • Douglas Shook, Chief Information Technology Officer, USC Information Technology Services

ITS Functional Sponsors:

  • Stephanie Tan, Director, Security Operations
  • Robert Lau, Director, Security Architecture
  • Sandy Taylor, Director, Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Darren Yamaki, Director, Identity & Access Management

Executive Program Director:

  • Erika Albarran, Interim Executive Program Director, Security Strategy and Execution, Office of Chief Information Security Officer

OCM Manager:

  • Vernon Crawford, OCM Manager, Transformation Management Office