Student Services Initiative (SSI)

The Student Services Initiative (SSI) is a program to transform the digital student experience. It is a collaboration between USC’s:

  • Enrollment Services Division (ESD)
  • Financial Aid Office (FAO)
  • Office of Academic Records & Registrar (OARR) and
  • Information Technology Services (ITS)

A Program of Seven Projects

The mission of this student-centered program is to enhance the effectiveness and modernize seven key applications:

  1. GRS (Grading and Roster System): Redesign/replace the main roster and grading system for faculty and academic support staff to better stabilize and enhance the experience.
  2. OLF (Online Financial Aid Forms): Redesign three vital student and parent online financial aid forms for improved user experience and improved services for students, parents, and the Financial Aid Office staff.
  3. SSI Reports (FAO & Non-FAO): Consolidate and provide over 65 reports to 47 real-time reports so the Financial Aid Office has timely data that can be shared with authorized users to facilitate more efficient decision making. In addition, 16 reports will be created for the users of GRS, WebReg and OASIS.
  4. Guest Access: Facilitates secure management of an expected 64,000 guest accounts for such tasks as guest completion of financial aid forms, the FAST application and views of student records. While initially used for SSI, there may be broader applications use in the future.
  5. WebReg: Redesign and the replace the current web registration system with application enhancements to optimize the online experience for students registering for classes.
  6. FAST (Financial Aid Summary and Tasks): Redesign the financial aid portal with information to help students and parents make more informed decisions about the financial aid process.
  7. OASIS (Online Academic Student Information System): Move approximately 37 services to MyUSC and other support portals, enabling the 2008 system to be retired.

What are the benefits of the Student Services Initiative?

The applications will provide the following benefits:

  • Mobilty: Information will be easily readable, downloadable, or printable on desktop and mobile devices
  • Performance – Secure and reliable online experience at your fingertips real-time
  • User Friendly – Streamlined and enhanced user-experience with a modernized and consistent look and feel
  • Support Features – Built-in system help, banner information, and notification features

Who will benefit from the Student Services Initiative?

  • Students
  • Parents/Guests
  • Faculty
  • Alumni
  • Staff

When will the Student Services Initiative happen?

Work is underway for each project in the program.

Who are the sponsors and program lead?

Guiding the SSI Project teams are:

Program Sponsors:

  • Frank Chang, Registrar
  • Thomas McWhorter, Financial Aid Dean
  • Noemi Garcia Tagorda, Financial Aid Associate Dean

ITS Sponsors:

  • Douglas Shook, Chief Information Officer, USC Information Technology Services
  • Veronica Garcia, Associate Chief Information Officer, Application Services

Program Manager

  • Maria Dietz, Portfolio Manager, Portfolio and Program Management

How do I get involved and find out more?

To learn more about the Student Services Initiative, link here and please contact if you have any further questions.