World-Class, Pervasive Wireless

Through its wireless initiative, ITS will create a high-speed, pervasive wireless environment throughout USC, including both the University Park and Health Sciences campuses, as well as the North Campus areas, that is the gateway to all IT services at USC. World class, pervasive wireless will enhance our student and faculty experiences and enable greater flexibility and cost savings in our buildings and open-air venues.

This is a three-phase initiative that will be rolled out over the course of three years.

FY17 Accomplishments

ITS replaced the wireless network backbone on the University Park campus (UPC), allowing for faster speeds and ten times the capacity of our previous wireless network. As of spring 2017, ITS had replaced or installed new wireless access points in 20% of the buildings and areas included in the first phase of the wireless initiative, totaling nearly 2,500 new devices.

A map of planned and completed building upgrades is available at

FY18 Plans

ITS will complete the first phase of the initiative and continue with the second and third phases of the initiative during FY18 and into FY19. By the end of the project, over 300 buildings and outdoor areas will receive upgraded network switches and wireless access points.